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Chairman's Message

It's more than five decades, with a dream of a transport company journey began with a name as Indian Roadways Corporation Limited (flagship of the IRC Group) –and, driven with the tremendous business acumenand service excellence IRC Group has witnessed spectacular growth marking footsteps into multiple sectors like transportation & logistics, mining, warehousing, records management, shipping, river transportation, plantations, carrying & forwarding agencies, education, Stevedoring and forestry.

Affiliating with domestic giants like Tata’s, Hindalco and Vedanta as satisfied clients IRC has also made overseas presence in countries such as Thailand and Oman.

Quick Fatcs

  • Establishment : 15th August, 1963
  • Started as small transport firm
  • Diversified into Mining, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Education etc.
  • Turn over approx.. 65 mln USD
  • Future Plans : E-commerce, Hospitality, Shipping etc.

Mission & Vision

  • Creating benchmarks of quality, consistency and commitment in a cohesive & integrated manner across all businesses worldwide
  • Exceeding stakeholder expectations by pioneering superior quality services through leveraging cutting-edge technologies and operational excellence
  • Striving to be a responsible corporate citizen by adhering environmental stewardship and social responsibility.
  • Continuous scouting for new business ventures through constant innovation and process excellence.
  • To emerge as a leading player in the global logistics, supply-chain and other businesses through constant innovation and the relentless pursuit of excellence.
  • To become more competitive optimizing operational costs aiming for exponential growth
  • To create better value for each client --fostering long term relationships

Welcome to IRC

Five decades ago, Indian Roadways Corporation was incorporated in a modest way to fulfill the transportation need of a growing economy. From the very beginning, true to it’s Kangaroo and Joey logo, IRC inculcated a sense of maternal care towards the goods entrusted for transportation. It is precisely this abiding adherence to the pursuit of customer satisfaction that has not only propelled IRC to a leading position in the multimodal transport industry but also fueled all its growth into diverse fields of business activities, both in India and abroad. A long list of satisfied customers including Giants from the core sector like Tata’s, Hindalco, VedantaHaldia Petrochemicals etc. bear adequate testimony towards our highly skilled and motivated workforce, pragmatic leadership and our ability to deliver under toughest working condition specified by our customers.

In fact, at IRC, providing customer satisfaction is our religion.

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